Design Consultation

Need someone to come walk through your home and offer design advice?  The design consultation is the most basic option, giving you up to 60 minutes of verbal professional design perspective and suggestions on anything from space layout, to color, to wall treatments. After the consultation, if you feel we are on the same page and want to hire me for a full on design plan, the consultation fee will be waived!

Room Styling

Whether you want a few new pieces to finish off your space and help with styling it all or stuck in a room rut and need a fresh new look with your current items, we love room styling! We know all the tricks of the trade for styling your space to create optimum space, function, and style.

Design Planning

Want a room that looks like it was done by a designer but don't have a huge budget?  This is a stellar budget-friendly option and perfect for the "D-I-Yer" that just needs some design direction. The entire design is created by us and handed off to you to purchase items and set-up. This package includes:

  • Up to 45 minutes in-person with a designer for a style assessment, design consultation, and room measuring
  • One style and concept board (boards typically include fabrics, space layout, color selection, design style, and furniture inspiration)
  • An itemized list of concept board items including price and purchase location (URL's for any online purchasing)
  • A space layout, including basic set-up instructions

Pricing excludes kitchens and bathrooms

Concept to Completion

Basically, this option is the whole kit and caboodle!  You can just sit back and prop up your feet while we get our hands dirty designing and managing a ridiculously awesome space for you. This package includes:

  • Design consultation(s) with a designer
  • A full design plan for each main room (space layout & furniture, drapery, upholstery, finishing materials, lighting, etc.)
  • Management of budget, purchasing, and installation

Prices vary based on scope of project 

A La Carte Design

None of the above fit what you need or not sure your budget works with one of the options?  No problem.  Contact us and we'll create a special package for you!

Design Services

We offer a variety of services, options, and customizable packages to suit individual needs and budgets.  Below is a list of just a few of the prepackaged options.  For more information with specific price quotes, contact us!